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9Z-12.0 chaff cutter

    Type: 9Z-12.0


    Capacity: 12t/h


    Cutter speed (r/min): 500


    Certification: CE


    Cutter length (mm): 12-35


    Machine weight (kg): 1000

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we are as a trustable chaff cutter manufacturer from China to supply you good quality and beautiful looking agricultural chaff cutter machine for animal feed, we have different color and different capacity for you to choose. we design an excellent range of electric chaff cutter and diesel engine chaff cutter to the esteemed customers as per the industry standard.The diesel operated chaff cutter is provided with quality hardened blades to chop fodder efficiently with uniform size The electric chaff cutter machine is usually used in poultry livestock farms to cut forage for cow, sheep, pig, deer, as a chaff cutter manufacturer, we seek qualified products as well as good service moreover, our products are known for their efficient ability to reduce wastage of fodder.

our chaff cutter has advantages:

1.the chaff cutter for hay has steel structure,light weight,easy movement. 2.devising safety appliance,deracinating,safety and reliable. 3.grass roller shaft universal coupling selection,compact structure, easy operation,easy assembly.chaff cutter for animal feed 4.supporting dynamic and diverse selection,also supporting motor, diesel engine,tractors,especially for lack electricity area. 5.the chaff cutter machine blade with quality steel,a special refining process,super wear-resistant, 6. Feeding part is made of feeding platform, grooved roller, shim 7. Throw part is made of moving cutter, blade and bolt 8. Transmission part is made of triangular belt, transmission shaft, wheel gear and cardan 9. Moving part is made of wheel 10. if your place is lacked of electric power,we have also diesel operated chaff cutter

The silage chaff cutter machine
Machine dimension(mm)
Transport dimension (mm)
Power (kw)
Motor speed (r/min)
Cutter speed (r/min)
Machine weight (kg)
Blade (slice)
Triangular belt(root)
B2900 five roots
Cutter length (mm)
Blowing distance(m)

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