Procurement Center

Bulletproof  has a worldwide reputation for excellence. Many multinational companies regard us as their procurement center, assisting them in obtaining and managing supplies and materials. A procurement center is generally part of the supply chain of larger companies that provides tangible materials as part of its business or that purchases materials in order to create products.
Bulletproof  employs a team of procurement specialists who dedicate their time and effort to provide their expertise in electronic and traditional procurement sectors and as always with our clients' needs in mind. Procurement or purchasing is the process of finding goods or services for a business at an acceptable price that meets the business need. All businesses conduct procurement activity, but the total cost, efficiency, and effectiveness of this aspect of the operation varies widely.
Most candidates have successfully completed degrees or diplomas in business administration, accounting, or finance. The difference level between a degree and a diploma is less important than relevant work experience.
Work experience that is valuable to a procurement specialist is very specifically focused. For a specialist who is focused on traditional procurement, experience in strategic sourcing, negotiating contacts, bid tendering and related processes are very important. The expectation is that this experience is at the most senior level. Someone who participated in the process but was not ultimately responsible will not have the experience required to be considered a specialist.
Bulletproof 's team is highly qualified for procurement. The procurement representative is responsible for contributing to and continually improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the overall process, which is designed to assist staff in their procurement of goods. All purchasing and receiving is conducted in compliance with institution policies and government regulations. 
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