Storage and Logistics

Bulletproof  serves you:

    Storages that are ordinary, monitored, bonded, thermostat and refrigerated. Meanwhile, we provide you tailored storage management, value-added services and transportation

    and distribution in accordance with China and other countries.


    Multiplied modern facilities
    Tally instruments: Diesel forklifts, electronic forklifts, hand trucks and all sizes of pallets (4T)
    Storing instruments: beam shelves, modular shelves, tote boxes, loading and unloading equipments and scanning instruments
    Safety facilities: 24-hour video monitoring system, infrared anti-theft alarm system, fire prevention system, sprinkler system, automatic fire alarm system and guards of 24 hours
    Special equipment, crane-vehicles of 36T
    Transportation, Vans, refrigeration trucks, minibuses for Baltic dry and trucks

    We provide services as follow:
    Scheme planning and management of transportation
    Storage planning and stocks optimization 
    National and international distribution 

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