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SK-W、SK-P series full automatic liquid level pressure controller includes the ambient operating mechanisms, motor, protect section and sensing units. It starts and stops the motor of pump under power frequency. This control system supports automatic water supply equipment. It is economical, safe and reliable and easy to maintain.
This series of products can detect such problems as major loop short circuit, default phase, overload and pump case leakage for special pumps, with stator circumpolar over temperature protection function. It can support the pump to work stably and with high efficiency.

SKZ(XJ01)self-coupling voltage reducing start controller is an electric control cabinet that we use specially to support pumps. In order to make your pumps work safely, reliably and at high efficiency, it can effectively protect the motor of pump from electric leakage, over temperature, default phase, short circuit, over load, water leakage, voltage reduction, automatic start, changing-over and stop.

SK-H series frequency conversion constant pressure automatic water supply controller takes advantage of advanced ac variable frequency speed regulating technology and micro computer measuring and control technology. It is made up from frequency changer(speed regulation), programmable controller or smart frequency conversion speed regulation constant pressure water supply controller and introduced low-voltage apparatus. It detects the full flow of the pump, making the pumping unit new energy saving water supply equipment.

The controller take the real time pressure of the pipelines network system as the reliable parameter (comparative mapping), adjusts the output frequency of the frequency converter via micro computer. It automatically tracks and adjusts the rotate speed of the water pump to adjust the pressure in the system in PID closed loop way so that the pressure at the end of pipeline networks is kept constant and the whole water supply system works effectively and continuously. When more water is needed, the frequency converter sends out higher frequency, the pump rotates faster, supplies more water. When less water is needed, the frequency converter sends out lower frequency, the pump rotates slower, supplies less water. The final water user will get whatever pressure and flux he needs. With frequency conversion constant pressure water supply mode, you do not need to build head water tank, water tower, preventing secondary pollution.

Frequency conversion constant pressure water supply mode increases water supply efficiency and water quality. It is a new energy saving technology widely promoted within China by the government. It is an ideal solution for water supply system construction.
SK-H series frequency conversion constant pressure automatic water supply controller is produced and tested exactly according to the JB/T3009-93 micro computer control frequency conversion speed regulation water supply equipment standards approved and issued by China Ministry of Construction in 1994. This product has been praised and trusted by clients for years for its excellent performance, advanced technology and good service.

SK series multifunction controller Application fields

1. The controller needs AC 50HZ (or 60HZ), 380V. Its power is 11-300KW.
2. It is applicable in industry, agriculture, and life water supply fields.
3. It supports the start of many kinds of high power motors of pumps.

SK series multifunction controller Product features

1、Its frequency converter is either international brands like Danfoss, ABB, Fuji, SANKEN or famous brands within China;
2、Digital PID adjustment, keyboard operation, digital display, full automatic, needing no operator.
3、The circuit design is clear and logic, easy for fault analysis and maintenance;
4、Excellent performance; flexible control, high EFT, stable and reliable at work;
5、Loss-free pump motor speed adjustment; the output of water supply ranges steplessly from 0 to the maximum amount allowed by the system.
6、In auto mode, the motor of pump can start by itself, causing no impact on power system or pipelines network, largely prolong the service life of water pump, motor, pipe system and electrical control system.
7、You can set manual or auto control functions, ensure that the equipment work safely and continuously.
8、Procedural control. The user can independently set many functions, like timer switch, fire linkage, automatic power off in case of small flux and zero flux, central management of host computer, etc.
9、More pumps can work alternatively in turn, so that each pump’s work time is same, prolonging their service life, ensuring that all pumps can start to work successfully in case of fire. Otherwise, the spare pump may rust if it does not work for long.
10、Strong basic control function, more optional additional functions, like timer switch, automatic alternative working, etc.

pump process

Packaging of Products;

Henan Bulletproof Pump Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests.

Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1)Bulletproof Standard 


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